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Chapter 14 - Section 2 Online Quiz (Urbanization)


At Promontory Point, Utah, where the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads met on May 10, 1869, a golden spike marked the linking of the nation by the first transcontinental railroad.



J.P. Morgan was an industrialist whose company produced standard railroad cars and elegant sleeping cars. His company town, which he hoped would ensure a stable workforce, was criticized as "un-American."



The stockholders of the Union Pacific Railroad used the Pullman Company to make huge, unearned profits for themselves.



In Munn v. Illinois, the states won the right to regulate the railroads for the benefit of farmers and other consumers.



The Interstate Commerce Act reestablished the right of the railroad companies to supervise railroad activities and set up the Interstate Commerce Commission for that purpose.

Answer the following question(s) on the back of this paper or on a separate sheet of paper.


What reasons did average Americans of the late 1800s have to approve of the railroad companies, and what reasons did they have to disapprove of them?

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